Who We Are and What Our Blog is All About

Welcome to our inaugural blog post – the first of many! This entry marks an exciting milestone for the SOLO Laboratories (SOLO) team as we elevate both our engagement with the online community as well as our level of educational content, news and updates for our clients, partners, employees and others.
For those readers who are new to SOLO, here’s a little bit about us and what we do:

First and foremost, our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals by evolving our orthotic and podiatric products and services through technology development, while honoring our brand promise to Serve Others, Love Others.

As a leading technology provider and manufacturer of custom medical devices, we remain dedicated to our mission each day by combining the pillars of customer service, standard-setting innovation, unmatched precision and industry advancement, in all that we do. To best serve the needs of healthcare providers, patients and the health and foot care industry as a whole, we remain wholly committed to:

➢ Customer service that benefits you and your patients
➢ Setting the industry standards in foot care technology
➢ Custom orthotics proven to improve patient outcomes
➢ Development capabilities that bring your ideas to life
➢ A legacy rich with integrity and humble in success

As we begin to provide you with blog entries on a monthly basis, we look forward to showcasing our deep rooted expertise derived from our legacy of leadership since 1983 as well as our humble character that maintains a steadfast commitment to God and the pillars of the Christian faith. Visitors and subscribers of our blog will be presented with a variety of timely and evergreen topics, as well as:

➢ Company News and Events
➢ Industry Happenings
➢ Thought Leadership
➢ Employee Profiles
➢ Letters from Our Founder

For more information on SOLO, please visit sololabs.com or contact us at 800-765-6522.

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