B is for Buttress

Buttress, toe filler, amp — we know it by all of these names.

A buttress is Plastazote® material used as a filler for amputations. Custom orthotics with buttresses require precision fitting and extra steps to ensure the best outcome for the patient.
trans metatarsal buttress
hallux buttressA hallux buttress is used when the big toe is missing. When added to
the device, it can help withstability and balancing, as well as gait push-off.

A transmetatarsal buttress is used when all the toes are missing to help provide stability and help the patient maintain functionality.

Getting the best fit for your patient.

At SOLO Labs, we want to provide the best fit for your patient.  We create the custom orthotic device and return it to the prescriber who fits it to the patient. The patient gradually begins wearing the device over a 1-2 week period. This is the break-in period, which allows the patient to evaluate if she/he needs additional modifications to the device.

The break-in period should be a gradual increase in wear time to prevent any complications. If at any time the patient experiences severe pain, worsening of any lesions or wounds, or worsening of any foot-related conditions due to the orthotic, the patient should discontinue the use of the orthotic immediately and contact the prescriber for additional medical care.

After the break-in or test period, the patient returns to the prescriber for a final check. Any additional modifications are indicated on the device and it is returned to SOLO Labs for the addition of the top cover. The finished device is returned to the prescriber and the fit is checked by the prescriber.

While you encourage healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle to promote good foot health, we know that some medical conditions will progress and additional amputations are necessary. The custom orthotic can be returned at any time for accommodations to address the changing structure of the foot.

Keeping people active is critical to good health. Orthotics play a vital role in helping people maintain mobility. We’re here to help make your job easier.

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