C is for Cut Outs

Feeling pressure? When your patient has pain from pressure points or lesions, cut outs, channels, 1st Met Cut Out, and K-wedge modifications to our custom orthotics can provide relief.

Cut Outs are typically elliptical shaped or can be any custom shape and are used to alleviate pressure or painful lesions in the foot. The area is normally indicated on the foot by location description and/or marking the scan, cast or foam impression.

Cut out options include:

  • Borders can be skived or not.
  • Cut outs can be bowl shaped or round.
  • Cuts out can be in the padding or in the shell.
  • Shell cut outs can be plugged with soft material.
  • Padding cut outs can be plugged with a different material
  • Balance pads can be added to these areas to increase the offload.
    First metatarsal head cutout in shell

Channels are similar to a cut out, but are elongated in shape and cover a larger area of the foot. If the channel is in the same area as a balance pad, it will be extremely oversized. We recommend selecting either a channel or a balance pad.
K-Wedge cutout in shell
A 1st Met Cut Out is a half-moon shaped notch of the shell at the the first metatarsal head. It is similar to a K-Wedge, but not as long and can be applied at 5th met if needed.

A K-Wedge starts in the same a
rea as a first met cut out; however, it cuts the shell in a straight-line anged cut away. This helps promote the 1st metatarsal shaft to drop, helping plantarflexion during propulsion.

While these common cut outs address most of the common foot issues, we welcome your ideas and suggestions to provide the best care for your patients. We’re here to make your job easier.

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