E is for Extensions

Extensions indicate the length of the custom orthotic and the amount of support you want to provide for the entire foot.

There are two different options for extension length. Do you want it to start at the heel? Or, do you want it to start at the distal end of the plate? Once you determine where to start, the next option is where to stop: mets, sulcus or toes?Orthotic Extensions

More specialized extensions include both the Morton’s and Reverse Morton’s Extensions.Morton’s Extensions

The Morton’s Extension is used to reduce pain associated with dorsiflexion of the hallux.

Morton’s Extension is soft or firm padding that extends from the first metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ) to just beyond the interphalangeal joint. It limits the range of motion for the first metatarsophalangeal joint.

Alternatively, a Morton’s Extension in shell is available and is frequently used for Turf Toe. At SOLO Labs, we recommend using polypropylene plate material. This accommodation is often used for severe hallux rigidus, sesamoid fractures, or to promote a more rigid hallux when a transmetatarsal buttresses is needed.

Reverse Morton’s Extension (Dancer’s Pad) is padding that is proximal to the 2nd through 5th mets extending to the sulcus. The first met is channeled out. The padding is made from a firm material like Korex®, but can be made with other materials. This can help promote dorsiflexion of the hallux.

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