Going Green: Step by Step

At SOLO Labs, Serve Others, Love Others isn’t limited to our customer service. It extends beyond our walls into how we treat the environment around us.

Our environmental responsibility efforts to minimize our impact on the environment range from simple to sophisticated and touch nearly every aspect of our business. Here are a few of the things we are doing to be good stewards of the earth.

  • Pallets get reused when we sell them back to our supplier, and we recycle those that are in less than usable condition.
  • Milled wood casts, frames, and other wood scrap are recycled and picked up here at our manufacturing plant in Kutztown, Pa.
  • Our bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, and paper are all recycled as part of the Kutztown Borough’s recycling plan.
  • Polypropylene scraps are recycled by a local vendor.

Here are a few ways you can reduce the impact on the environment:  

  1. Batch shipments. When we batch shipments, we put several pairs of orthotics in one box, reducing shipping materials and reducing transportation costs of multiple shipments. Interested in batching your shipments? Just let us know your preference.
  2. Scanning. No foam boxes, no casts, and no transportation to deliver it. Scanning is a great way to reduce waste and deliver great service to your customer. 
  3. Download your order forms and catalogs. There’s no packaging, no shipping, and no waiting for your forms or catalogs to arrive.

We encourage you to share with us your ideas on how we can help you reduce waste and help our environment.  


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