I is for iTOM-CAT™ Scanner

Sure, we could tell you why the iTOM-CAT™ scanner is great when ordering custom orthotics. But here are three reasons not to use it.

  1. You will miss the mess and cost of plaster casts and socks.
    The iTOM-CAT™  is quick and easy. Turn on the iPad and you’re ready to go in seconds. The scan takes less than a minute for orthotics or AFOs. No materials needed and no mess on the floor, in the sink, or on the patient.
  2. You and your team enjoy packaging foam casting boxes and plaster casts.
    With the iTOM-CAT™ scanner, just press send and we’ve got the image and the order form. No labels, no tape, and no visits from that friendly UPS truck driver.
  3. Saving money isn’t important to you.
    Eliminate the cost to ship to SOLO and see how quickly the iTOM-CAT™ can pay for itself. Plus, SOLO offers an additional credit for each scan submitted, making it a cost effective alternative to foam boxes or casts.  

iTOM-CAT™ Scanner

Did you know that both the TOM-CAT™ and iTOM-CAT™ Scanners were developed by SOLO Labs?
It’s true. The original TOM-CAT scanner revolutionized the podiatric industry. Now SOLO’s latest innovation, the iTOM-CAT continues to be the leader in foot-scanning technology.

We’re here to answer your questions you have about iTOM-CAT.

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