Recycling our Wood Scrap: It’s a Bright Idea

Last year, SOLO Laboratories created approximately 42 tons (84,000 pounds) of wood waste from our milled wood casts, frames, and other wood scrap.

Wood Scrap Recycling

Thanks to our partnership with Zwicky Processing & Recycling in the neighboring town of Fleetwood, Pa., we recycled the waste and created electricity, cement, and lime. As a cost-effective and greener alternative to landfills, Zwicky recycles 96% of the materials they bring into their plant and processes this into new and beneficial-use materials.


How does that happen?

Recycling wood scrapAccording to Michael Walker, sales manager at Zwicky Processing & Recycling, our
wood scrap is combined with construction and demolition debris, utility poles, and railroad ties. These materials are ground into small pieces, usually less than two inches long. The process includes screening the raw material and using electromagnets to remove ferrous material.

This process creates several different engineered biomass fuels. Biomass fuels are renewable
organic materials, such as wood, agricultural crops, or wastes, especially when used as a source of fuel or energy. Biomass fuels can be burned directly or processed into biofuels such as ethanol and methane.¹

The biomass fuels are used as boiler fuel in electric cogeneration plants that make electricity or as fuel in industrial kilns to make cement or lime.

At SOLO Labs, we believe caring for the environment is another way that we Serve Others, Love Others

We encourage you to share with us your ideas on how we can help you reduce waste and help our environment.  



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