L is for Lifts

Give your patient a lift. A heel lift is attached to the bottom of the extrinsic rearfoot post. There may be times when it’s beneficial to bevel the lift to the end of the shells to create a smoother transition to the forefoot.

When it comes to heel lifts for custom orthotics, you pick the material, the height and the length.

Korex® is the standard material for a heel lift providing a softer feeling to the heel. Korex is recommended for a temporary lift or removable lift. Crepe is generally more firm than Korex and is used for a more permanent lift.

You determine the height you need for your patient. Using ⅛” increments gives you the freedom to reduce the height, in office, if needed.  

The heel lift can extend the entire length of the shell or the entire length of the foot. Full-length lifts usually require an extra depth shoe to make it practical.

Have questions about lifts?  The SOLO team is here to answer them.


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