N is for Neuroma Plug

Those cute high heels with the narrow toe really are a fashion statement.  But ouch, they hurt.

It’s not just women in high heels who suffer from the pain of a Morton’s neuroma.  It’s frequently found in people whose job requires them to stoop or crouch down or people with flat or rigid arches.  Shoes that are too narrow can also be the culprit in developing a Morton’s neuroma.

What can you do to relieve the pain?Neuroma Plug

By adding metatarsal pads and cut outs to your custom orthotic can provide relief from the pain. A neuroma plug, located between the metatarsal heads, is an additional option to relieve pain.  The precise location is determined by the type of shoe and the shape of the foot.

Understanding orthotic lingo doesn’t have to be painful.  Let us help you.


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