O is for Orthotics

Whether you’re taking a jaunt or a journey, both the Fiat® and the Ferrari® are reliable and dependable to get you there. So what’s the difference? As a manufacturer of custom orthotics, we’re often asked to compare our orthotics to off-the-shelf and library system options.

We asked Jonathan Naugle, Director of Operations, to provide insight on how SOLO Labs manufactures custom orthotics.

Jonathan NaugleQ: What makes a SOLO custom orthotic different from others?
Jonathan: Each order is evaluated and custom milled to the exact foot measurements. We do not take measurements and pull a close-fit cast off a shelf. When the cast, scan, or foam box comes into our office, that’s when manufacturing starts. Nothing is made until the order arrives.

Q: How has technology helped you to make a better orthotic?
Jonathan: Our proprietary CAD/CAM software was developed internally, giving us full control of the correction process. This system has allowed us to duplicate plaster work in a much more cost-friendly model.

Q: Each orthotic is handmade to exacting standards. Is that really necessary?
Jonathan: We believe it is. By handcrafting each orthotic, there are limitless possibilities to modify the orthotic to the patient’s needs.  

Of course, we have the most common options available to you. But when you get those extremely challenging cases, we can handle those cases with the same ease. While there are faster, less expensive ways to make an orthotic, when performance and fit matters,a truly custom orthotic is the only way to go.  

We stand behind everything we make and take pride in having a return rate that is significantly below the industry standards.

What are three things people might not know about custom orthotics by SOLO?

  1. They can be repaired. While it’s unusual for orthotics to break, they often can be repaired. Just return them to your prescriber.
  2. They can be refurbished. Wear and tear takes its toll on orthotics. If they show excessive signs of wear, consider having your orthotics refurbished.
  3. Many professional athletes wear orthotics to improve performance. The largest orthotic we made was for a size 23 shoe for a professional athlete.

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