P is for Pads

Pads can offload pressure to a specific area on your custom orthotic and  provide additional comfort for bony prominences or control excessive pronation. Here are common options that are available:

A Balance Pad increases offlbalance padoad in that area. The balance pad can be open at one end or u-shaped to build up around an area of interest. Balance pads can also be used in conjunction with cut outs.


cuboid padA Cuboid Pad is a soft pad placed directly under the cuboid region to relieve bony prominences or generalized pain. This is often used to keep a subluxed cuboid in place and take strain off the peroneal tendon.


dancer padA Dancer’s Pad is a soft pad which offloads pressure from the metatarsal heads. The pad is usually constructed with a cut out to take pressure off the first metatarsal, but can be used to off load any combination of metatarsals.


metatarsal padA Metatarsal Pad/Met Pad is placed proximal to the 2nd through 4th metatarsal heads to help lift the metatarsal heads and transfer weight proximally to the metatarsal. A Met Pad can be indicated for metatarsalgia, neuromas, and capsulitis.


metatarsal-barA Metatarsal Bar/Met Bar runs across all metatarsal phalangeal joints and is placed proximal to the met heads. It is similar to the Met Pad but provides a greater region of offload.


scaphoid padA Scaphoid Pad provides a soft way to increase the arch or provide cushion for the arch.



With so many options, it can be confusing. You’re just a click away from having your questions answered.


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