R is for Relief

Most of us take healthy feet for granted. For diabetics and those with peripheral neuropathy or vascular issues, keeping feet healthy is challenging. However, that challenge is made easier with SOLO‘s Diabetic Relief or Relief+ orthotics.

How is a Relief or Relief+ different from a traditional orthotic?

Diabetic Relief+


Diabetic Relief


The main difference is the overall softness of the orthotic. The Relief and Relief+ orthotics are made to fit into a diabetic shoe like Orthofeet® or any comfortable and well-fitting shoe or sneaker.

The Diabetic Relief and Relief+ are made of a white EVA base layer and have a Plastazote® or P-cell top cover. The Relief+ is a tri laminate that offers an additional layer of Poron for support.

This A5513 Medicare-approved insert accommodates the needs of those with diabetic neuropathy, and helps prevent calluses, ulcerations and amputations.

The Relief and Relief+ are generally sold in sets of three. Each set is designed to last four months with Medicare allowing up to three sets per year.


Let us help you keep your patients with diabetes, neuropathy or vascular insufficiency on their feet and as active as possible.  Ask us about Diabetic Relief and Relief+ by SOLO.  


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