Y is for Youth Pre-molds

Taking care of little feet can prevent big problems later in life. SOLO’s line of children and youth pre-molded orthotics help the growing foot develop in a more accurately functioning position.

The 3/32” polypropylene device is durable and keeps youngsters active during the treatment process.

Children and youth pre-molded orthotics

How do the children and youth pre-molded orthotics work?

Children sizes 3-13 incorporate medial and lateral flanges and a deep heel cup to provide maximum control. By adding gait extensions, the orthotic can greatly reduce in-toeing or out-toeing and promote correct foot function during gait.  Ordering is easy and you select the options that work for your patient.

How do these orthotics benefit children and youth?

Youth benefit from a slightly lower heel cup and medial flange only. Youth sizes 1-4 are also available with an EVA top cover, if desired. This promotes proper range of motion through the gait cycle.

Let SOLO be your first step in foot therapy for your youngest patients. We’re here to make ordering easier.  Order your children and youth pre-molded orthotics today.


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