Z is for Zebra-Print Custom Top Covers

Ok, we really don’t offer zebra print top covers – but we could, if you requested it.

Whether you like zebra print, camo, pink glitter or nearly any color you can imagine, we can order that for you as your personal, custom top cover.

Custom top covers are a great way to keep your name and logo on the orthotics you offer your patients. 

Zebra-Print Top Covers

Your patients always know where to return if they need their orthotics refurbished, repaired or replaced.

Make your custom top cover personal.

We will print your name, logo or any information you like on the top cover. Use our custom top cover, or pick one for your practice. Like everything at SOLO, it’s custom, so you tell us what you would like.It’s an easy way for you to brand your orthotics – without the work and hassle of manufacturing.

You provide the artwork and we’ll provide a proof to be sure it’s exactly what you want.  It’s an affordable option to market your practice and customize your orthotics.

Regardless of the customization, we stand behind the quality workmanship you expect from SOLO. Want to get personal?  Share your ideas with us and we’ll walk you through it, step by step.


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