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Sometimes, a business’s marketing efforts and community outreach efforts can intersect in powerful ways. As part of SOLO’s ongoing marketing efforts, we wanted to be sure our clients knew about Performance RX . This low-profile, high-performance material is made of engineered nylon and is one of the strongest materials available, making it ideal for athletes of all types. It has a tensile strength of twice that of polypropylene and resists deformation when exposed to a load

SOLO had plenty of samples and flyers describing the benefits of Performance Rx. But the sample needed to be inserted into a small zipper top bag and then stapled to the flyer. While it’s easy to do, it is a time consuming process. That’s when SOLO contacted Prospectus Berco, a vocational rehabilitation program for people with disabilities.

disabled people workingProspectus Berco provides an industrial environment in which people with disabilities are able to work on assembly and packaging jobs. Workers are paid to perform a variety of semi-automated and manual operations and take pride in their work. For 40 years, Prospectus Berco has provided services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and other special needs to assist them in becoming valued members of our community and offer a life of dignity, respect and promise.We recognize program participants not for their disability, but for the positive impact they have in helping us view the world with hope, opportunity and acceptance,” said Susan Stalnecker, Development and Public Relations administrator for Prospectus Berco.

After learning about all the services they offer, Prospectus Berco was able to complete most of the work required for the mailing. “It was a real time saver,” said Holly Wolf, Director of Customer Engagement at SOLO. “They made it easy and the work was professional quality,” she added.

Serve Others, Love Others has been our guiding principal since our inception 1983. Working with Prospectus Berco brings our mission to life in our community.

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