Cleaning up and Helping Out

It’s the graveyard of good intentions. The storage area of our business. Things get tucked away in a corner, filed away in a cabinet or boxed up for. . . well, for later.  

At SOLO, we recently decided to organize our storage area and remove those items we no longer needed. But rather than mindlessly bagging and tossing items, we made an intentional effort to find a new home for our discards. With some creative thinking, we found a worthy organization that was grateful for our goods.

The Berks Community Health Center, located in Reading, PA is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) providing primary healthcare to patients regardless of their ability to pay. The city of Reading is located about 20 miles south of Kutztown, PA, the home of SOLO Labs. It is a medically-underserved area with a large population of diabetics. SOLO recently donated diabetic shoes to the health center.

Many of the diabetic patients have experienced amputations. Saving the opposite foot or leg is critical to keeping patients mobile. SOLO samples included some pairs and some single shoes as samples. For many patients, having good shoes is a luxury they can’t afford. “By donating these shoes, we hope to promote good foot health,” noted Holly Wolf, director of Customer Engagement for SOLO Labs. Patients at the health center will have the opportunity to select a high-quality shoe when they visit the podiatrist. It’s one small step to improving their overall well-being.

Podiatrist Noahleen Betts, DPM says that donations to the podiatry department are uncommon. The health center was delighted to get a call from SOLO offering shoes to them. “SOLO Labs is to be commended for their gracious donation of diabetes shoes and inserts (orthotics)  to Berks Community Health Center. We have a significant amount of Diabetic patient who are uninsured or underinsured and cannot afford Durable Medical Equipment,” added Dr. Betts.  “The shoes and orthotics will help in our efforts here at the Community Health Center to salvage limbs.”

Working with the team at Berks Community Health Center is another way that SOLO puts our mission to Serve Others, Love Others into practice.  


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