Save The Toes

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. At SOLO, we work to promote healthy feet and toes all year long. Staying active is an important step in managing diabetes. At SOLO, we help physicians manage the sensitive feet of diabetic patients.

Prevention is important.  

For those not covered by the therapeutic shoe bill, pre-molded orthotics are an affordable option. The Freedom Premolded Orthotics by Redi-Thotic provide support and comfort for active or moderately active diabetic patients.

Unique needs require unique options.  

SOLO provides seven unique options to meet the needs of diabetic patients.  The viSo scanning app is an easy alternative to traditional casting for those with sensitive feet or open sores.

Accommodative Orthotics

Choose from these lightweight accommodative custom orthotic options.

For extra stability in an accommodative custom orthotic consider:

Ordering is easy.  Choose from a variety of options to fit the needs of your patient.   Call us at 1-800-765-6522 with your questions.  Our technical experts are here to discuss your needs.

Sensitive feet need relief.  

The most sensitive diabetic feet depend on Relief and Relief+ by SOLO. The A5513 inserts are indicated for Type I and Type II Diabetics with pre-ulcerative calluses, diabetic ulcers, poor circulation and partial amputations of either foot.

When toes are at stake, depend on SOLO to help your patients put their best feet forward.


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