Let’s Bag That Idea

Suede bottom covers play an important role in the manufacturing of custom orthotics at SOLO.  We use suede to provide a protective, finished surface on our Premier Functional line of custom orthotics. Each piece of suede is carefully examined to avoid blemishes, wrinkles or other defects, prior to being cut. “We maintain high standards for all of our materials,” said Jonathan Naugle, owner and director of operations at SOLO Labs. Providing our customers with the highest quality orthotics is what SOLO has been known for since 1983.

Being particular has its drawbacks. By rejecting less-than-perfect fabric, we generate additional waste. For those with an untrained eye, these defects go unnoticed. SOLO found a new way to use the remnant fabric.

SOLO worked with a local seamstress to create a prototype of the bag for custom orthotics. She helped us maximize the number of bags per sheet of fabric nearly eliminating all waste. Working with Mission Screen Printing, a local screen printing company, we created a design that included both the SOLO logo and Serve Others, Love Others. SOLO is an acronym for Serve Others, Love Others.

The result is beautiful suede drawstring bags that are perfect for storing SOLO custom orthotics. It’s a handy bag to use when you travel or to keep an extra pair in a drawer. Stop by our booth at any trade show or conference where SOLO is exhibiting and we’ll be happy to give you a bag to enjoy. You may even receive one when you participate in the surveys we sponsor throughout the year.

At SOLO, Serve Others, Love Others means reducing waste and being responsible stewards of our resources.


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