A Happy Trail Back to SOLO

There is no substitute for comfort. That’s what Jeff Kassoway told us on a visit to SOLO Labs.  Jeff shares how custom orthotics make a difference for him.

Jeff’s first experience with orthotics was on the ski slopes. His father encouraged him to try a pair of orthotics and Jeff remarks that the change was like night and day. “In an instant I became a good skier, because the orthotics stopped me from pronating,” he noted.

In the 1980s, Jeff started wearing custom orthotics to alleviate pain, fatigue and assist with his balance. For this seasoned horse trainer and rodeo competitor, being able to be on his feet for hours was a crucial part of his job. His career involved shoeing standardbred race horses in Hollywood Park, Calif. and the Meadowlands, N.J.  

Today, he’s all about caring for his horses. “I own three horses and ride all three each day. I do my own chores including saddling, mucking stalls and getting hay,” he noted. “The SOLO custom orthotics changed the quality of my life.” Jeff credits the custom orthotics will the ability to keep going each day. “The orthotics allow me to get about two-thirds more work done each day and help my feet recover overnight. That’s a huge improvement for me.”  

But his journey back to using SOLO custom orthotics took many twists and turns. Jeff tried three other pairs of custom orthotics and he returned all of them because they didn’t give him relief. As a last resort, he tried a new doctor who wanted him to have an ankle fusion. Then another suggested a brace/orthotic combination and after a few tries to get it to work, he just gave up.

One day, he remembered he had a well-worn pair of SOLO orthotics and called his doctor saying they could be refurbished. “I found a second pair and had those refurbished as well. Now I’ve had two pairs refurbished twice,” he chuckled. Jeff’s philosophy is that good health starts from the bottom up. A hip replacement and several knee surgeries, hasn’t slowed down this very active horseman. Jeff credits the custom orthotics with keeping him active and healthy, even after a long career that involved being thrown off a horse a few times.

When people complain about aches and pains, Jeff asks if they use orthotics. He suggests trying a pair from a local pharmacy or store. “If that doesn’t do the trick, then go to a podiatrist,” he added. He’s quick to share his experience and enthusiasm for the benefits he gets from his custom orthotics.

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