SOCIAL MEDIA: Planning and Execution Matter

In this installment of the series, Jessica Prutzman, Owner of JPrutzman Enterprises, shares insight in using social media to promote your practice.

Social Media – Planning and Consistency Are Key

A well-known time management author, Alan Lakein, once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Would you build a house without blueprints? Do you go on a car trip without a GPS? If no, then why would social media posts succeed without a plan?

It is critical to spend the time up front to create a social media plan and a calendar with all of your content.  Now, with tools like Hootsuite, the scheduling of content is easy. It’s the questions of “What should I post?”, “How frequently?” and “On what channels?” that take the time and are important to get right.   

Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Identify your target audience.  Who are your trying to reach?
  2. What social platforms do your audience use?  For example, a 40-year-old male is most likely not using Pinterest.
  3. What content is engaging and relevant?  Write down a list of content ideas that could span from interesting articles related to custom orthotics, pre-molded orthotics, AFO, Richie Braces, nail care, and diabetic care to healthy tips, spotlight your staff (and include fun facts), what makes your practice special, and your charity involvement.
  4. Focus on one topic.  Rather than having one post about orthotics, you could create several posts: pre-molded orthotics for adults, pre-molded orthotics for children, custom orthotics and custom orthotics for diabetics.  This allows you to provide more in-depth detail for each topic. Make your posts stand out with good graphic images and video.  It is proven that people react most favorably to video and relevant content. Also, people engage with social media on their phones so graphics must be simple and readable.  A photo of a brace, custom orthotic or premold will add visual interest. A video of how to wear a brace may improve patient compliance.
  5. Start slow!  If you are just now dipping your toe into the social media pool, there is no need to dive in headfirst. Start with popular social channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.  Create a post every other week and increase frequency to every week as you feel comfortable. Consistency is key; it’s better to post once a week compared to 3 posts a week rather than no posts for 3 weeks.
  6. Create a social media calendar.  Take the time to draft a calendar. Include dates and times of posts, post topics, links to your website, and graphics.


Jes PrutzmanPlease feel free to contact Jessica Prutzman at with your questions about creating a social media campaign.  JPrutzman Enterprises, LLC is a marketing and communications agency specializing in social media, public relations, strategy, and event planning.



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