5 Tips for Publicizing Your Practice

If you’re trying to attract new business to your practice while assuring your existing patients that choosing you was a brilliant decision, you ought to consider implementing an ongoing public relations strategy. It’s the most effective, least expensive way to ensure a steady flow of new patients.

Following are five suggestions to get you started:

1) Make your website reporter friendly

Healthcare writers are always hungry for experts they can interview, write about, or call for assistance. The resulting media exposure creates “third-party credibility,” which is the best “word-of-mouth” you can achieve. Make it easy for them to find information about you by creating a “Press Room” on your website, where journalists can find your biography, a practice overview, images, fact sheets and more.

2) Optimize the LinkedIn Profiles of your physicians and practice leaders

The first place potential patients and journalists go to learn more about you is via Google search and your professional LinkedIn profile (not a company page). People want to be treated by people they like and trust, not by a faceless organization. Ensure your LinkedIn profile includes a friendly, professional headshot, your complete background, and a summary written in the first person using your authentic voice.

3) Use social media to educate and enlighten your patients

Stop using social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) as a place to advertise your services for free. Instead, make it a priority to share useful information, entertain and connect with people. All of your communication with the outside world needs to focus on building meaningful relationships and sharing your expertise.

4) Build relationships with healthcare writers and editors

It’s the job of healthcare media to cover the industry and interview experts. In a respectful way, let healthcare journalists know that you’re available as a resource in case they need a physician with your particular expertise to interview or help them with research. Invite them for coffee if they’re local. Face-to-face is always best, but friendly email is okay, too. Once you know what kinds of stories they like, you can also inform them about recent trends and industry innovation. The result? More interviews and greater exposure for your practice.

5) Consider doing a TEDx talk

By giving a TEDx talk, you’ll have a professionally produced video on YouTube that establishes you forever as a leader in your field. Many physicians have grown their practices significantly this way.


A seasoned PR consultant, keynote speaker, author and workshop leader, Dana Dobson’s book, “How to Reach Millions with Artful PR” is available on Amazon.com. A TEDx speaker coach, Dana also speaks frequently to leaders and entrepreneurs about how to build a profitable presence for themselves or their organizations. Check here to view her TEDx talk.



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