5 Myths about Foot Scanning for Custom Orthotics

Are these myths keeping you from using the SOLO viSo app, for custom orthotics or Richie Brace™ products? SOLO, the developer of the TOM-CAT®, iTOM-CAT®, and viSo™ app, wants to help debunk these common misconceptions about foot scanning.

  1. You have to be tech savvy to scan. If you can press a button and walk slowly, you can scan with the SOLO viSo app. It takes about 10 minutes to learn how to scan for custom orthotics. Once you learn the process, you can do it in about two minutes.
  2. Expensive equipment is required. Many clients already have an iPad® that will work for scanning, but if you don’t, we’ll suggest a model that would work best for you. Purchase the iPad and camera, and you’re ready to start scanning.  
  3. There are ongoing or monthly fees. The SOLO viSo app is completely free. Simply download it and start sending scans to SOLO. There is no monthly fee and no per-scan fee.
  4. It’s not the same quality as casting. As a leader in foot scanning technology, SOLO has been receiving scan orders for more than 10 years. Over 40 percent of custom orthotic orders come to us from scans. Most of our customers started by combining casting with scanning for each patient until they became confident in their ability to accurately represent the foot.
  5. The patient will have to return to the office if the scan isn’t good. Relax. Whether you’re new to scanning with the SOLO viSo app or have been scanning for years, we help you get the best-quality images in the least amount of time. When you send the scan to SOLO while the patient is waiting, our technical specialist will review it and say “great job” or offer suggestions to get a better scan. That reduces the pressure to be perfect and eliminates the need to bring the patient back at a later time.

Trust the leader in foot scanning technology that started with the TOM-CAT®, continued with the iTOM-CAT® and now offering a more robust solution through viSo.

There’s only one way to know if the SOLO viSo app is right for your office—try it. SOLO offers a free 60-day trial. Why not begin today? We’ll get you started right away. Call 800-765-6522, ext. 111 or email viso@sololabs.com.

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