viSo Makes Foot Scanning, Easy, Convenient, and Free

If you haven’t tried the SOLO viSo app to scan feet for custom orthotics, you may be missing out on a tool that’ll save time and money in your practice. 

We asked Dr. Philip Bresnahan of Indian Valley Podiatry Associates, P.C., to tell us how viSo helps save time in his busy practice. “The software is simple to use with a small learning curve for both the doctor and the staff,” he noted. The SOLO viSo app is free and can easily be downloaded onto an iPad® including the iPad mini 2®, iPad mini 3® and iPad mini 4®.

By using the SOLO viSo app to scan for custom orthotics, Dr. Bresnahan and his staff save a substantial amount of time compared to casting. He’s quick to note that there’s no mess or time spent cleaning up after casting. “It’s much faster and frees up time for both my staff and me.” His patients also appreciate the time saved by scanning rather than casting.  

With three separate locations in southeastern Pennsylvania, Dr. Bresnahan finds that the customized templates make their job easier. “Prescription entry is much easier and faster since we began using customized templates.” SOLO Labs assists practices in creating templates to reduce data entry time and ordering errors. Templates are especially helpful in practices with multiple locations. The staff doesn’t need to enter a location on the order form; it’s already there.

As a podiatrist, Dr. Bresnahan feels that foot scanning provides a better and more consistent image than traditional casting. “It’s easy to mark things on the scan, and this is especially important when you’re dealing with patients with deformities,” he said. With foot scanning, Dr. Bresnahan believes that the lab has a better image to measure the foot providing a better fitting orthotic because there’s less variability compared to casting.

Dr. Bresnahan prefers to use an iPad mini 4 in his practices because of the compact size. “We started with one scanner and now have a scanner at each of our offices,” he added. He and his staff find the smaller units easier to use while producing quality images.

Isn’t it time you tried viSo? Ask about our free 60-day trial today.



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