Five Reasons to Scan with iPad mini® and SOLO viSo app.

It’s time to take a fresh look at your iPad mini® that may be collecting dust on your desk, or tucked away in a drawer. With a simple download of the SOLO viSo app and the addition of a camera, that idle technology can become the workhorse of your office.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps.

  1. Purchase the Structure Sensor camera that’s indicated for your iPad mini model. You can purchase the camera. No need to buy the bundle. 
  2. Download the viSO app.
  3. Call SOLO at 800-765-6522 and we’ll provide training to you and your staff. You’ll be scanning in just a few minutes.

Five Reasons to Consider Foot Scanning with SOLO.

  1. No fees. The SOLO viSo app is free. There are no monthly or ongoing fees.
  2. You own your hardware. For less than $700 you can provide state-of-the-art scanning technology in your office. It’s an affordable way to offer scanning at one location or multiple locations. There are no rental or lease agreements required.
  3. It’s easy to use. It takes about 10 minutes to train you and your staff on scanning. We’ll even review your scans while your patients wait. Then, we’ll tell you if you’ve scanned like a pro, or provide tips to improve your next scan. That’s the SOLO support you expect.
  4. No mess, no cleanup. No cost for casts or boxes. Your patients will love how fast and clean it is, and there’s no cost for shipping to SOLO.  
  5. Custom templates save time. SOLO’s technical support team will help you create time-saving templates that contain your orthotic standards and provide location-specific shipping information. This saves time and keystrokes.

Whether you prefer the full-size iPad or the more compact version, scanning is fast and easy thanks to the SOLO viSo app.

Let us put your iPad to work and start scanning today. Email us and we’ll get you scanning in about 10 minutes.  

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