Performance RX: Your Patients Will Love It. Will You?

Karen-LangoneDescribed as one of the best advances in orthotic technology, Dr. Karen Langone, is a believer in using Performance Rx, an engineered nylon, in nearly all of her custom orthotic orders at SOLO Labs. Whether she’s working with children, elite athletes, factory workers or professional women, her patients enjoy the comfort, control and flexibility that Performance RX (PRX) provides.

SOLO Labs offers Performance RX as an alternative to traditional polypropylene. It is one of the strongest and thinnest orthotic shell materials. It has twice the strength of polypropylene and withstands high impact, constant stress-bend and flexing. This engineered nylon does not fatigue, creep or settle over time. Its low profile fits most shoes with only 1.5 mm of material at contact points in the shoe.

“I’ve used PRX in ballet flats and in industrial work boots,” said Dr. Langone. It is not just athletes who want its shock absorbing properties. Orthotics are essential to providing relief for many who stand or are on their feet for long periods of time. Dr. Langone hears the benefits from her very satisfied patients. Her patients like the comfort that comes from Performance Rx’s flexibility and the support it provides. These elements of control with flexibility make it Dr. Langone’s top choice for custom orthotics. She also notes that patients say it is more comfortable than graphite.

Can PRX be used for a dress device? Dr. Langone believes it can. Since PRX is available in variable thicknesses, it can be a semi-flexible, semi-rigid or rigid device. This gives her the flexibility she needs for a dress device. “I’ve narrowed the device to make it work as a dress device, especially for women who want support in a dress shoe,” noted Dr. Langone. If the patient is less than 150 pounds, this offers a unique solution for dress shoes. Dr. Langone does not prescribe it for very obese patients because it does not provide adequate support.

When thinness, control and flexibility matter, Dr. Langone relies on PRX to keep her patients satisfied. For any practice considering using it, Dr. Langone shares her perspective “Patient satisfaction far supersedes any concerns you may have about using Performance RX.”  

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