In a Rush? We’ve Got Five Quick Options for You.

Short on time?

There are times when rush service is convenient and other times when it’s absolutely necessary. SOLO offers two options for rush service for custom orthotics. Our 3-day, in-house rush service, and 1-day, in-house rush service gives you the flexibility you need to get the orthotics as quickly as possible.

Here are four tips to get the fastest rush service possible.

SOLO rush sticker

SOLO rush sticker

  1. Mark the word RUSH on the outside of the shipping box OR use RUSH stickers from SOLO. (Did you know SOLO provides RUSH stickers?) TIP: Write or place stickers on multiple sides of the box. 
  2. Mail to SOLO via any overnight service.
  3. Complete your order form and indicate 1-day or 3-day in-house rush service. TIP: It’s also helpful to write RUSH on top of the order form.
  4. Request overnight shipping back to your office. This is available for an additional cost.

Let’s be honest, expedited shipping, and rush fees can add up. Perhaps you have a bit more time to get the order in your hands. Here are a few ways to get your order faster and save money.

  1. Consider second-day shipping option. Save a considerable amount compared to overnight shipping.
  2. Expedited shipping one-way. Rather than having overnight or 2-day shipping to and from SOLO, consider having expedited shipping either to or from SOLO.
  3. Choose 3-day, in-house rush. Your order leaves SOLO faster than our standard handling and is more cost effective than a 1-day, in-house rush.
  4. Send a single order. If you normally group your shipments, consider sending a single order rather than waiting for several pairs.

A candid discussion with your patient can avoid any misunderstanding about the cost of rush service. Knowing the costs involved will let your patient make an informed decision.

Interested in learning more about SOLO’s rush services? We are here to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your circumstances. Ask us today.



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