Can I Work Directly With SOLO Labs?

Each day happy people who own SOLO orthotics inquire about working directly with SOLO Labs. In this post, we’ll answer the most common questions we get from our loyal customers.

Can I work directly with SOLO to have my custom orthotics refurbished?
Your custom orthotics are made for your feet based on a scan, cast, or foam box, as well as a prescription form that your doctor or prescriber sent to SOLO Labs. In many cases, it’s been years since the cast or scan and prescription were created.

By returning to your original prescribing doctor, he/she can evaluate your needs and be sure that the original prescription is appropriate for you. If your original prescribing doctor is not available, we’ll suggest a podiatrist in your area.

Over the years you may have had surgery, gained or lost weight, given birth or have other medical conditions that impact the fit of your orthotics. This is an especially important consideration for those who have diabetes or poor circulation. Your doctor can evaluate your overall health, the fit of the orthotic, and your current biomechanical needs. He/She may suggest making some modifications to your orthotics to provide the best fit for your current needs.

Can I order a second pair directly from SOLO?

We always recommend returning to your doctor or prescriber. Your doctor may have made adjustments to the orthotics during the final fitting of your orthotics or perhaps your prescription needs to be updated. Even small, subtle changes can impact the efficacy of the orthotics. Remember an accurate and up-to-date prescription is critical to a good fit.

Take your SOLO orthotics with you to your doctor or we’ll provide the name of a doctor in your area to get your second pair of orthotics.

Will SOLO adjust my current orthotics?

Because your custom orthotics are a prescription medical device, we recommend returning to your doctor for any adjustments that you need. Did you know that minor adjustments are included as part of SOLOs 90-day adjustment period? If you require extensive adjustments or any adjustments beyond the 90-day adjustment period, you may incur additional charges.

Let our Find A Doctor program help you find a SOLO doctor in your area.



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