SOLO Provides Shipping Boxes and Shipping Labels

Never search for a shipping box again! That’s why SOLO offers shipping boxes. Conveniently packaged in quantities of 10 boxes, we will ship them directly to your office. Consider keeping a supply at each location to make it easy on your staff.

Interested in ordering shipping boxes? Check the box at the top of the order form between the patient name and
the shipping information. Would you like boxes at multiple locations? Use an order form for each location and include the appropriate bar code, if available.  

Since we keep shipping boxes in inventory, there’s no need to stockpile or clutter your storage area. Order what you need, when you need it.

Use SOLO Shipping Labels, too. As a service to our customers, SOLO provides pre-paid shipping labels upon request. Order the quantity you need, and your account is charged when you request the label. Using SOLO shipping labels allows you to take advantage of SOLO’s volume discount on shipping.

Compare, Consider Costs, and Convenience. Whether you are purchasing shipping boxes or shipping labels from SOLO, we suggest you compare costs. You may find other sources for boxes that better suit your needs. Or, compare your shipping costs from your current carrier to the cost of using shipping labels from SOLO. Also, keep in mind the convenience factor too.

One-stop shopping is the convenience that SOLO offers to you. Consider ordering shipping labels and shipping boxes from SOLO so you can avoid the hassle of sourcing materials and shipping, and help save you time (or that of your staff) when it is limited.


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