Foam Boxes – New

Let’s be honest; there are plenty of sources for foam boxes. Whether it’s a planned purchase or you’re in a pinch, SOLO is ready to help you.

One Stop Shopping.

Rather than using multiple suppliers, some customers prefer to get all of their orthotics, Richie Braces, pre-molds, shipping supplies, and foam boxes from SOLO.

In Stock All the Time.

Whether you’re looking for a few boxes or a few cases , SOLO maintains an inventory of foam boxes that can be shipped at any time. If you need them now or next month, we have them in stock. And, we can provide expedited shipping, at an additional cost, if that’s what you need.

Ship to Multiple Locations.

Perhaps you need two cases in Elmwood, one case in Oaktown and three cases in Tree Tops, that’s not a problem. Tell us the quantity and location, and we’ll ship them directly to your office locations.

It Makes Sense and Saves Dollars.

Did you know your foam box purchases are applied to your volume discount? Why not buy them from SOLO and enjoy your volume discounts on orthotics and braces, including Richie Braces.

Don’t Forget About Pre-Paid Shipping Labels.

Ship your foam boxes back to SOLO using our pre-paid shipping labels. Purchase the quantity that you need, and we’ll pass our volume discount along to you.

To request  foam boxes and shipping labels, contact us!

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