Five Things You Didn’t Know About Repairs at SOLO.

  1. SOLO will repair orthotics from other manufacturers.

    • If your patient has a pair of orthotics that need to be repaired, send them to SOLO. We’ll be happy to repair or refurbish them.
  2. We will repair and/or refurbish SOLO orthotics regardless of who prescribed them.

    • Even if you haven’t prescribed the orthotics, we’re happy to repair or refurbish them for your patient.
  3. We can use your custom top cover on repairs.

    • Consider branding your repairs with your custom top covers. What a great way to give orthotics a fresh new look.
  4. Repairs go through a rigorous quality control process.

    • We make sure repairs meet SOLO’s quality standards.
  5. In a rush? No problem.

    • We offer 1-day and 3-day, in-house rush service for repairs. Simply mark “rush” on the box and indicate the rush service you prefer on your order. Consider expedited shipping for the fastest door-to-door service.

SOLO makes it easy to have your orthotics repaired or refurbished with options to get it to you in just a few days.



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