Heidi Schroeder, Customer Service/Technical Specialist

How long have you worked at SOLO?  10 years

What is the best part of your job? Being a part of a team that helps better the quality of people’s lives.

Tell us about your career at SOLO.  SOLO has truly been a blessing for me. Prior to joining the SOLO team, I worked at a local store. I loved working with customers but wanted a  place to grow, and expand my career. I joined the SOLO family in 2007 as the receptionist. Within a short time, I learned our order entry process and even worked in our Receiving and Shipping departments. Throughout the years, I have learned a lot about orthotics and braces. I am knowledgeable in many different departments within SOLO. The SOLO team provides me with the tools and training I need to succeed in my position.  

Tell us about your family.

  • I am married to Randy, my husband of 11 years.
  • Randy is the Operations Manager at an organic lawn care company.
  • We have a 1-year-old little boy, Layne.
  • We have two cats; Waylon and Daisy.
  • We live in a farmhouse that dates back to 1850.

Favorite food: Salmon

What is your dream vacation destination and why?  Alaska for its breathtaking views, wildlife, the Northern Lights, and of course the salmon. I also follow the Iditarod sled dog race each year; seeing that would be awesome!

The person you would like to see in concert: George Strait

Favorite movie: My Girl

Favorite lunch take out food from where. The English Pub sandwich from the Hive, a local organic cafe in Kutztown. It’s cheddar cheese, apricot chutney, and arugula on fresh baked bread. Yumm-o!

Most frequent purchase from the beverage cooler at SOLO? Dr. Pepper

Do you prefer a manicure or pedicure? Pedicure

Four Fun Facts about Heidi.

  • My family is my first love
  • I am a history buff. I love genealogy.
  • I love home decorating, cooking and dirt track racing.
  • I love to binge watch Shark Tank!

Heidi’s tips to make ordering easier.  

  • Be sure to send completed order forms. Incomplete order forms delay turntime on orders.
  • If you are unsure of what to order, call us. We are always happy to walk you through the order form or answer any ordering questions you may have.

“Heidi is a blessing to the SOLO team for many reasons.  Her heart is in helping others and that comes through on every call.  She is a learner and strives for knowledge and excellence. Co-workers enjoy interacting with Heidi and know they are able to approach her if they have questions.  She lives our mission to Serve Others, Love Others.” said SOLO President, Lindsay Sokol Szejko



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