There’s a Reason It’s Called Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic

A pre-molded orthotic is often the first line of treatment for your patients. Whether you are treating a seasoned athlete, a service worker or someone with foot fatigue, you need affordable options that provide results. The Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic by Frelonic has been delivering consistent outcomes for years.  SOLO Labs offers the Ultimate Pre-molded Orthotic by Frelonic for those patients who may not need a custom orthotic. 

Have you considered the
Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic by Frelonic

Customers continue to choose the Frelonic Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic because it:

  • Provides greater resistance to pronation
  • Delivers excellent arch support
  • Offers moderate heel cup support
  • Reduces heat, friction and moisture
  • Provides superior shock absorption

Performance in Each Component

The Frelonic® composite material provides a high level of support and stability and is  50% thinner and is lighter in overall weight compared to the traditional materials.

The Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic is top covered with Cellflex® foam bonded to Microdry®, a high-tech fabric that reduces heat, friction and moisture.

With Options That You Want

The Frelonic Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic is available in posted, non-posted, full length, ¾ length, standard width, and narrow width.

Step up to the Ultimate Pre-Molded Orthotic? Inquire today.


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