Electronics Recycling: It’s Shocking What You Can Recycle

Wander into the storage areas and closets of nearly any business and you’ll find remnants of technology collecting dust. SOLO Labs had over 400 pounds of electronic waste that included obsolete computers, monitors and VCRs. Responsible Recycling Services helped us reduce waste by recycling our old electronics.

According to Wendy Gordon, general manager of Responsible Recycling Services, many people don’t realize the equipment can be recycled. Responsible Recycling Services has been helping businesses, municipalities and residential customers recycle electronic equipment like computers and monitors, cell phones, desk chairs, filing cabinets, soda machines, Christmas lights and metal bed frames.

Wendy started in the recycling business in 2006 and joined Responsible Recycling Services when it began in 2012. For her recycling comes down to one principal “It’s the right thing to do.” She also noted that it’s illegal to put monitors, printers, computers and other electronics in residential or commercial trash including dumpsters. With years of experience in recycling electronics, Wendy shared how they handle the recycling.

  1. Electronics are recycled by components such as plastic, cardboard and steel.
  2. Printers go to a larger recycler for shredding.
  3. Data security is important. Remove hard drives. RRS has a mobile hard drive shredder. They also recycle things like backup tapes and cell phones.

Responsible Recycling Services participates in approximately 100 recycling events each year. “We provide services for municipalities, employers and colleges. This is a remarkable feat for Responsible Recycling Service who has just 10 employees. “These events give people a responsible way to get rid of their electronics,” added Wendy. If you can’t get to an event, Responsible Recycling Services has 12 drop-off locations in Berks, Montgomery, Carbon, Northampton, Lehigh and Schuylkill Counties.

In May 2018, Responsible Recycling Services expanded its services to include document shredding, including a mobile shredding unit. Today, they recycle cardboard, paper, packaging, booklets and even shrink wrap.

SOLO: Serve Others, Love Others means taking steps to be responsible stewards of our resources that are entrusted to us. We’re proud to work with local partners to achieve this goal.

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