Kutztown Area School District and SOLO Labs. Part II

When students from Kutztown Area School District arrived at SOLO Labs, they were surprised that this manufacturer of custom orthotics was located less than a mile from their school and has manufactured over 2 million orthotics since its inception in 1983.

We asked the 10 students from Mr. Josh Chambers’ media classes to share their thoughts, in their own words, on their experience of creating a video to show new SOLO team members how to do a specific skilled job.

What did you learn from the experience at SOLO?

  • We learned how to film things at the right angle and how to make our camera work better.
  • I learned some work experience in the business industry.
  • I hope that students learn about how a business runs if people are cooperative.
  • I learned how to scope out a location before shooting in order to make the film better.
  • The students have learned how to film a video using different angles and to put them together to create a video and also learned part of the process of custom shoe inserts.
  • I hoped to learn how to put together a quality piece of instructional film and how to make the foot orthotics but more importantly, I wanted to learn about myself through fieldwork.

How was this experience similar or different from what you do in the classroom?

  • It was different because we wouldn’t have been able to learn as well about making our camera work and angles better in a classroom.
  • Similar to the work that we do in class, it just wasn’t in a classroom.
  • It is different because we don’t have any 3D printers or machinery in it.
  • It was similar in the way that we as students were able to learn the process and devise a plan to film. It was different because it was more of a hands-on experience.
  • It’s different because I’m not in the classroom.
  • This experience was similar because we also film other videos using special angles and putting them together to create a final product.
  • This was different from a classroom because I got to meet other people and learned how to work in a space that is not a classroom.

What is something that surprised you about SOLO?  

  • I didn’t realize so many people have foot problems.
  • I was surprised that there was such a large process behind making something as what I thought was simple as an orthotic shoe insert.
  • I was surprised by the fact that so many people did the jobs. Coming into SOLO, I assumed most of the work would be done by robots, but was pleasantly surprised to find so many people.
  • How well it was being run. To see such a crowded area work so well.
  • I was surprised that there were more people then machinery.
  • It wasn’t as loud as I thought it would be.
  • Honestly didn’t even know that the building was back where it was, let alone that it had anything to do with feet.
  • I was surprised how warm, nice and welcoming the staff was. It truly seemed to me as though the workers loved their jobs, their lives themselves and each other. This all comes back to their motto “Serve Others, Love Others.”

Thank you Jacob B., Nate L., Michael V., Julian T., Andrew D., Gage S., Kyler B., Cierra P., Chris M. and William H. for sharing your thoughts with us.

By providing educational opportunities for students who are the future of our workforce, we continue our mission to serve others, love others.


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