Taking the First Step To a Career in Orthotics

When you think of health care jobs, do you think of orthotics? Probably not. But for 50 local high school students, they now have insight into careers they never knew existed.

On a tour of the Berks Career and Technology Center, East Center in Oley, PA, the SOLO leadership team had a chance to meet the instructors of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitative Therapy program. The instructors invited Jaimyn Westenhoefer, owner/president of SOLO Laboratories, to present an in-service program to teach students about orthotics.

Jaimyn provided instruction to both the morning and afternoon classes. Students had the opportunity to understand the role of orthotics and how they benefit people with foot issues. We asked Jaimyn to share details of her experience at BCTC.

What did you teach and demonstrate in the classroom? We discussed the benefits of orthotics. They were very interested in scanning technology and enjoyed analyzing their classmates’ gait patterns. Several of the students practiced scanning with the SOLO viSo app.

What did the students learn from this experience? A few students wear orthotics and most felt they could benefit from them. We discussed foot pronation specifically, and they watched each other walk. It was very apparent to them at how pronation could have an effect on different parts of the body over time. It was a great way to demonstrate how orthotics benefit people who pronate.

What insight did you share as an employer? I spoke about what SOLO Laboratories looks for in our employees and provided insight on what they can do to get chosen for a position over their peers.

As a manufacturer of custom orthotics since 1983, we understand the importance of having qualified and skilled workers in the workplace. By partnering with local schools, like the BCTC, we can educate students about opportunities in their local communities.  

SOLO stands for Serve Others, Love Others. Providing education, training, and opportunities to the workforce of the future are just some of the ways we live our mission each day.


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