Do You Know Which Works Best For Scanning?

Scanning for Richie Braces is both faster and easier than traditional casting methods. According to Dr. Doug Richie, the key to an optimal fit for your patient is taking a few extra moments for proper positioning. While prone positioning is optimal, Dr. Richie shows how you can get a satisfactory scan using in the prone or supine position.  In these videos, Dr. Richie shows how the key to a successful scan is maintaining proper alignment for an optimal fit and positive patient outcome.  

Scan for Richie Braces using the SOLO viso app.  

Tips for Scanning Patients in the Prone Position

Prone positioning is the preferred method for scanning. It provides a better view of the critical anatomy of the posterior ankle, foot and lower leg for optimal fit. The key to proper positioning includes:

  1. Positioning the foot in subtalar neutral and the forefoot is maximally pronated on the rearfoot with pressure on metatarsals 4 and 5.
  2. The first ray is plantar flexed to pronate the forefoot.

Learn more about scanning in the prone position

Click here to learn more about scanning in the supine position.

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