Are You Including All of These In Your Scan?

Scanning for Richie Braces will save you time and the expense and mess of traditional casting. Using the free SOLO viSO app, you can produce a great scan that has all the information provided by a cast. In this video, Dr. Richie demonstrates exactly how to be sure you capture this important information when you scan for Richie Braces.

What anatomy needs to be included?

  • Entire foot
  • Lower leg up to the mid calf
  • Plantar surface of the foot
  • Medial and lateral arches
  • Posterior aspect of the calcaneus
  • Medial and lateral malleoli
  • Posterior aspect of the lower leg


Relax, there’s no need to worry about a poor scan when you order from SOLO.

Use the free SOLO viSo app to scan all of your Richie Brace orders. When you order Richie Braces from SOLO, we’ll go the extra mile to be sure your orders contain all the information needed to provide a great fit for your patients.

  • Is it a good scan? We’re standing by to review your scans before the patient leaves your office. We’re with you as you build confidence in your scanning by providing feedback and tips to improve your scans.
  • When you send a scan, we’ll review all of the necessary information needed before submitting your orders for production.
  • When your orders are completed, we’ll compare them to the original orders to be sure that they meet your specifications.
  • Check the status of your Richie Brace orders using the SOLO portal.


Try the SOLO viSo demo for 60-days. If you don’t love it, return it. Yes, it’s that easy.



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