Why Order Richie Braces from SOLO?

You Deserve the Best Service and SOLO Delivers

Of course, you know the service SOLO provides for custom orthotics. But did you know that SOLO goes the extra mile to provide Richie Brace customer service that goes the extra mile to help you get exactly what you ordered. Here’s how ordering from SOLO makes a difference for you.

Quality Control Starts at Our Front Door

 When they arrive, SOLO reviews your orders to be sure we have all of the necessary information. If something is missing, we’ll call you.

Reviewing your cast

While the majority of casts we receive contain all the information we need, we’ll notify you if your cast is missing critical information, and let you know what to include on your next cast.

Reviewing your scan

Is it a good scan? We’re standing by to review your scans before the patient leaves your office. This allows you to rescan if necessary without rescheduling your patient.

We SCAN your casts.

That’s right.  We take your plaster cast and scan it into a digital scan and send it to Richie Brace. We’ve been scanning casts for about two years with no quality issues. If you’re looking to save time, scan for Richie Braces using the SOLO viSo app.

SOLO Goes the Extra Mile  

When your Richie Brace order is received at SOLO, our customer service team inspects the brace to be sure it’s exactly what you ordered. We compare the product to your original order to be sure it meets your specifications. After our review, we’ll ship it to you.

Making Your Job Easier

You’ll always know the status of your Richie Brace order when you log into the SOLO portal.

Did you know that your Richie Brace purchases count toward our volume discount program?  



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