Taco Tuesday for Cinco de Mayo

Although our offices were closed on Sunday, May 5, for Cinco de Mayo, we chose to celebrate with Taco Tuesday.

SOLO team members enjoyed both hard and soft shell tacos with all the traditional fixings like lettuce, tomato, salsa, and sour cream. Team members used their creative culinary skills to come up with some interesting and tasting surprises like non-alcoholic margaritas. 

The Event Committee at SOLO comes up with creative ways to make work more enjoyable and fun. The committee meets regularly to discuss ideas for small celebrations and larger ones like our employee picnics and Christmas parties. Members of the committee come from all areas of the company. 

“The tacos were amazing,” remarked Jason Miller, facilities and safety manager. This is a high compliment coming from the self-proclaimed taco connoisseur. Taco Tuesday was so popular that we’re considering repeating it.

Bill Zettlemoyer, manufacturing tech, enjoyed homemade pastelitos which were made by his fellow coworker, Kelly Rosa, manufacturing tech. “It was a nice addition to Taco Tuesday and something different and very tasty.”


In addition to enjoying these tasty treats, SOLO team members learned a few things about tacos including:

  • The word taco means light lunch
  • The world’s largest flour taco was made in 2003 and weighed 1,654 pounds.
  • Tacos were invented between 1000 BC and 500 BC
  • The tortilla shell was used as an edible spoon to scoop up all the tasty ingredients.
  • Hard shell tacos were invented in 1947 because the corn tortillas didn’t stay fresh long enough

Serve Others, Love Others means finding unique ways to connect with our team workers and make work fun.


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