Not a Shred Remains

While nearly 50% of our orders come to SOLO through paperless channels like the SOLO viSo app, the remaining orders come to us on paper order forms. Each year we shred thousands of pounds of paperwork. Our on-site, HIPPA compliant shredding company handles all the details for SOLO.

Wendy Gordon, general manager for Responsible Recycling Services, suggested allowing employees to bring their personal shredding while they were on-site.  The timing was perfect.  With tax day behind us, many employees brought old tax records to shred. In total, 16 boxes of personal shredding that is no longer in a closet, attic, basement or storage area.

“It makes sense to shred personal documents while we’re on-site,” noted Wendy. For those with several years of documents, on-site shredding is faster and more convenient than trying to shred at home. Wendy suggests asking your current document shredding company if they provide personal shredding. Responsible Recycling Services offer it as part of their value-added service for local customers.

“We had a few boxes of old tax records. I didn’t want that information to get into the wrong hands. Bringing it to SOLO for on-site shredding gave me peace of mind,” noted SOLO employee, Holly Wolf. 

At SOLO, Serve Others, Love Others means finding small ways to make life a bit simpler for our team members. 


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