A Hole In One

If you were at SOLO Labs on Friday, June 7, you didn’t have to be a golfer to enjoy a hole in one. It was National Donut Day. Our team members enjoyed an array of tasty donuts and the ever-popular donut holes. 

“It was something different, noted Mary Steltz, manufacturing It was a nice change from the usual and a delicious treat.” Mary and her coworkers selected from a variety of donuts including jelly-filled and glazed to cream-filled and coconut. The donuts were a welcomed addition to the usual midmorning break. 

Team members enjoy the quirky celebrations dreamed up by the Event Committee at SOLO. The Event Committee at SOLO is a group of team members who find creative ways to make working a bit more fun. Whether it’s donut day, Taco Tuesday, clever t-shirts, holiday parties or recognizing the birthdays of our co-workers, this team does a great job in providing ways to enhance the culture at SOLO.

In addition to these tasty treats, we learned a few fun facts about donuts…or is it doughnuts?

  • “Doughnut” is the proper spelling but donut is also acceptable.
  • The Salvation Army celebrated the first National Doughnut Day in 1938 in the city of Chicago as a way to honor the Salvation Army “doughnut lassies” from World War I. They began the holiday as a way to raise funds and bring awareness to the Army’s social service programs during the Great Depression.
  • The largest donut was a jelly donut that weighed 1.7 tons, was 16 inches high and 16 feet round.
  • John Haight ate 29 donuts in just six minutes to secure the Guinness World record.

Serve Others, Love Others means celebrating the contributions our team members make to our success throughout the year.

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