Celebrating Pi Day

You didn’t need to be a math genius to enjoy the celebration at SOLO. On March 14, we celebrated Pi Day. The day is associated with a common mathematical formula that is the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter.

At SOLO the celebration meant a potluck-style pie party. Team members brought a variety of sweet and savory pies. “We even had pies that were keto friendly,” noted Liz Donohue, a member of the Employee Event Committee at SOLO. Many of the team members put their baking skills to good use making homemade desserts from family recipes. Flavors included pumpkin, apple crumb, peach, pecan, peanut butter, coconut, and bacon, egg and cheese pies, to name a few.

Each month the Employee Event Committee at SOLO designates a day to celebrate. The team selects a theme and suggests food that will complement the festivities. It’s an opportunity to interact with one another just a few steps off the work floor and it helps to build camaraderie with people who you may not work with directly.

“We thought this would be a fun day to celebrate. We encouraged team members to bring their favorite pies,” added Liz. Employees enjoyed a piece (or two) of their favorite pie with their coworkers.

At SOLO, Serve Others, Love Others means serving up delicious treats with a generous helping of gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our team members.



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