5+ Things to Know About PA-11

PA-11 is the newest material used to print SOLO’s 3D custom orthotics.

SOLO Labs recently changed powder/agent for our 3D printed devices. PA-11 is a plant-based material used to manufacture our 3D printed custom orthotics. Using more eco-friendly materials helps us be good stewards of our resources.

  1. PA-11 is plant based material. PA-11 is a renewable raw material from vegetable castor oil. Because it’s plant-based, it’s renewable and has a reduced environmental impact.
  2. Approximately 70% of the used powder can be reused in the next batch. This means that the powder that is not used to form the orthotic is reused in the next batch of printing. Instead of tossing away the unused powder, it is reused. This dramatically reduces waste. This helps us reduce our impact on the environment and helps us keep our prices competitive.
  3. PA-11 is a thermoplastic material that is impact resistant. It was created to be a preferred material for prosthetics, orthotics/insoles, sports-related goods and more. Testing shows that PA-11 delivers optimal mechanical properties, including enhanced elongation at break and durability. 
  4. PA-11 is certified for biocompatibility. It meets the requirements of the US FDA’s guidance for intact skin surface devices. 
  5. Other interesting facts: 
      1. It has a melting point of 369 F 
      2. It has a tensile strength of 7,542 pounds per square inch
      3. Flexural strength of 10,150 pounds per square inch

Learn more about the steps SOLO takes to be good stewards of our resources, visit our blog.

Serve Others, Love Others means being good stewards of our resources for future generations. 

Information provided by HP Development Company, L.P.  




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