Richie Brace Arch Suspender

In this series, we asked SOLO clinical specialists Sharon Smith, CPed and Heidi Schroeder to provide insight into selecting the best braces for your patients.

What are the clinical indications for the Arch Suspender?

  • Adult Acquired Flatfoot secondary to PTTD
  • Peroneal tendinopathy (lateral Arch Suspender)
  • Moderate to Severe PTTD, Stage II of II PTTD with subluxed T-N joint
  • Lateral Ankle Instability (lateral Arch Suspender)
  • Charcot Arthropathy (Arch Hammock)

Why use the Arch Suspender?
The Arch Suspender is fully adjustable and can adapt in tension or torque for each patient.This brace avoids pressure force and the arch suspender pulls up or suspends the talonavicular joint. The sensation is natural and comfortable as the keystone support area of the foot is lifted and repositioned into its proper alignment.

How does the Richie Brace Arch Suspender work to help these conditions?
The Richie Arch Suspender provides control over the midtarsal joint.

  • The medial arch suspender stabilizes the talonavicular joint.
  • The lateral arch suspender stabilizes the calcaneocuboid joint.  
  • The Arch Hammock, a combination of both the medial and lateral arch suspenders, provides comprehensive control and stability of the entire rearfoot-ankle complex.


Source:  Richie Brace

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