5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Foot Scanning Saves Money

Not all foot scanning technology is the same. SOLO has been an innovator in foot scanning technology for more than 10 years. Now we are introducing the revolutionary viSo™ app with benefits you may not have considered.

    1. Reduce your hands-on time. Casting for custom orthotics involves a substantial amount of time. When you use viSo, the foot scanning app by SOLO, you’ll save time without compromising quality. This is even more of a consideration when you are ordering a Richie Brace.
    2. Eliminate material costs. Casting involves material costs. If insurance declines payment, those costs might not be recovered. The SOLO viSo app allows you to save an image of the patient’s foot until insurance approves the claim. If you decide not to submit the order, you can delete it .
    3. Identify patient-pay opportunities. If insurance won’t cover your patient’s orthotic purchase, you can offer other affordable payment options, such as a cash discount. Suggest using a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to pay for the purchase. Before you place the order, ask the patient to provide a down payment (by credit card or check) to cover your out-of-pocket expenses, or collect the entire amount at once. Use the SOLO viSo app to submit your order on the day you receive payment.
    4. Suggest a second pair. When your patient is happy with his or her orthotics, that’s a great time to suggest a second pair. You can save an image using the SOLO viSo app, which makes it fast and easy to order an additional pair of custom orthotics.
    5. Reduce shipping expenses. There’s no need to ship casts or boxes to SOLO. That saves both time and money.

If your practice is under pressure to save time, reduce costs, and become more efficient, scanning for custom orthotics or Richie Brace® products can help you achieve these goals without compromising quality. (Yes, you can scan for select Richie Brace products with viSo.)

Trust the leader in foot scanning technology that started with the TOM-CAT® continued with the iTOM-CAT®. and now offering a more robust solution through viSo.

Try viSo foot scanning technology today with a SOLO demo unit. Try it for 60 days. Or, download the app on an existing iPad®. We’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today at viso@sololabs.com.



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