Yes, you can scan with the iPad mini®

The SOLO viSo app works on both the iPad mini® or any full-size iPad®. As technology continues to improve, even the smallest iPad will provide quality results whether you’re foot scanning for custom orthotics or Richie Braces.

If you prefer a smaller and more compact iPad mini for scanning, the iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4 will work with the SOLO viSo app. It’s fast, easy and simple to make your iPad mini work in your office. Foot scanning is especially convenient if you have patients who live in retirement communities, nursing homes or residential homes. Just toss it in your purse or tote and you’ve got everything you need to scan for custom orthotics or Richie Braces.

Let’s get ready to scan. Here are a few tips to make sure your iPad mini is ready for scanning.

  1. Verify the version of your iPad mini.
  2. Purchase the Structure Sensor camera. Be sure to select the camera for your model. You can purchase the camera, no need to buy the bundle.
  3. Install the camera on your iPad mini.
  4. Download the SOLO viSo app onto your iPad mini.
  5. Call SOLO at 800-765-6522 and we’ll provide training to you and your staff. You’ll be scanning in just a few minutes.

Dr. Philip Bresnahan, of Indian Valley Podiatry Associates, says that viSo saves time in his busy practice. “The software is simple to use with a small learning curve for both the doctor and the staff.”  The SOLO viSo app is free and can easily be downloaded onto an iPad that you own.

Now is the time to dust off that iPad mini that’s been tucked away in a drawer and put it to work at your office. Eliminate the mess of casting, the cost of shipping to SOLO, and save time with the SOLO viSo app and your iPad mini.  

Still skeptical? Email us to start your free foot scanning demo today.

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