It’s Exclusive To You: Private Label Top Covers

“It was something special, something I had never seen before.” Those are the words Dr. Harold Glickman of George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, said when he decided to try custom private label top covers for his practice. Today, Dr. Glickman is a firm believer that custom top covers help promote his practice.

Dr. Glickman has been using custom top covers for three years. Patients like the unique color and design of his custom top covers. Since Dr. Glickman puts the orthotics in the shoe for the patient, the feedback he receives is instantaneous and positive. Because of the custom top covers, Dr. Glickman notes that patients are likely to show them to friends and family. “You don’t know who they will show them to and that’s an opportunity to promote my practice,” he added. Dr. Glickman’s top covers include his title of Chief of Podiatry at Sibley Memorial Hospital which gives instant credibility to him and his practice. By having his phone number and locations on there, it’s easy for the patients to contact him for a follow-up appointment years after the orthotics dispensed.

If the patient is moving the orthotics from one pair of shoes to another, having his name on the orthotic is a reminder to call the office and request a second pair. “It’s a great marketing tool. I’m so glad that SOLO came up with this option for us,” added Dr. Glickman.  

Deciding what to put on your custom top covers?

That really depends on you. Deciding what’s most important will help you narrow down the possibilities. Dr. Glickman chose to include both locations with full addresses and phone numbers on his private label top cover. But that may not make sense for a practice with multiple locations. Here are some considerations to make your private label top cover unique:

  • Logo. It’s your brand. Include it.
  • Practice name. This is especially important in a group practice. The patient may think of it as Dr. Smith’s practice when the group name is This Town Podiatry Group. If you don’t have a logo, your name is your logo.
  • Phone number. Make it easy to call your office.  
  • Website. It’s especially important if your practice name is This Town Podiatry, but your website is or
  • Location. For multiple locations consider something like offices in Oaks, Tree Top and Walnutport.
  • Physician Names. If you have 3 or fewer physicians, consider it. More than that is clutter.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started. Send us your logo and the information you would like on the top cover. Select the color of the top cover material and the printing. We’ll provide options and then you select what you like best.

Learn more about how a private-label top cover can help you promote your practice.

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