What do Orthotics and Fence Posts Have In Common?

They may seem like unlikely partners, but polypropylene components of custom orthotics get a second life as fence posts. Recycling, repurposing and reducing waste is a goal at SOLO Labs, and it often requires more than a quick Google search to find the resources you need. As a manufacturer of custom orthotics, SOLO is proud of our record to recycle materials like wood casts, synthetic suede and wood pallets, to name a few.  

Recycled plastic turned into fence posts.New Vendor, New Opportunity

When our most recent vendor for recycling polypropylene decided to stop recycling it, Facilities and Safety Manager Jason Miller began to investigate other options. That’s when he learned about Waste Not Technologies, which manufactures both round and square plastic fence posts out of recycled materials. The posts range in size from 3-5 inches round and also offer square posts. The posts vary in length from 5-10 feet long, which accommodates a variety of fencing needs. The fence posts have nearly 100% post-consumer recycled waste including SOLO’s polypropylene scrap.

Recycled fence postThe recycled plastic fence posts are a great alternative to wooden posts since they do not have to be painted or stained, termites and bees won’t eat them, and they are low maintenance.  This makes them appealing for both home and commercial use.

Waste Not Technologies picks up SOLO’s polypropylene recycling bins each month and takes them to its recycling facility in Saylorsburg, Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Like SOLO, Waste Not Technologies is a small, family-owned business. Waste Not Technologies markets its products exclusively through Close the Loop Company.

Polypropylene is a staple in manufacturing of custom orthotics. In spite of our efficient manufacturing processes, we still have waste. “We generate approximately 400 pounds of polypropylene waste each month,” added Jason Miller. By recycling our polypropylene waste, it never enters a landfill and the fence posts are a functional item.

Recycled fence post materialAccording to Patrick Kelley, owner of Waste Not Technologies, “We’ve been recycling plastics for over 25 years. We feel it’s important to view recycled materials as a raw material rather than a waste.”  In the early 90s, Patrick saw the early stages of plastic recycling. “They were creating products that didn’t work and people would not buy them.” That inspired him to start the business.


Today, Waste Not Technologies helps SOLO continue to find new ways to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.



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