Save Time, Money, and Headaches with Scanning

Why give up traditional casting for Richie Braces? Here are five great reasons to consider when using the SOLO viSo app to scan for your Richie Brace orders.

  1. Save time. Your scan arrives at SOLO in just seconds after scanning rather than days in the mail. Scanning takes less than two minutes compared to 20 minutes for casting.
  2. Save money. Casting material isn’t the only thing to consider. Also consider the time involved to cast and of course, the cleanup.
  3. It’s free. Save money with the free SOLO viSO app. You can produce a great scan that has all the information provided by a cast.  
  4. Save shipping costs. There are no shipping fees or shipping boxes required to get your order to SOLO.
  5. It’s worry-free. Relax, there’s no need to worry about a poor scan when you order from SOLO. At your request, we’ll review the scan before the patient leaves your office to be sure it’s exactly what we need. We’ll also provide feedback to help you improve your scanning techniques.

Download the Richie Brace catalog today. Request a printed catalog for your office at

Try the SOLO viSo demo for 60-days. If you don’t love it, return it. Yes, it’s that easy.


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