Proper Positioning For A Richie Brace

“How do I get the best fit for my patient?”

Getting the best fit for your patient is the number one concern we hear from our customers. Both you and your patient want a great fit. But what are the most important factors in achieving a positive patient outcome?

We asked Dr. Doug Richie to give us his perspective. “More subtle problems actually cause the majority of brace fit issues. Proper positioning of the patient’s foot and ankle is the most critical issue,” said Dr. Richie.

How does proper positioning for Richie Brace improve outcomes? 

The best fit starts with proper positioning.  A few minutes of proper positioning serves two important functions. First, it provides the best cast or scan which creates a proper fitting brace. Second, it is an opportunity to educate your patients on how the brace will help them and what to expect. This education also helps to improve patient compliance.

In this video, Dr. Richie demonstrates the two most critical issues for positioning for a great fit: finding subtalar neutral, loading, or locking the midtarsal joint. Does proper positioning for Richie Brace really matter? Keep watching, and then you decide. See the most striking difference at 6:04 of the video. 

Whether you and your team need help with casting or scanning for Richie Braces or you want or more information on Richie Braces, we’re here to help you. SOLO is your one-stop-shop for Richie Braces. Get the latest Richie Brace catalog and order form today.

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